Love overpowers hateđź’–đź”’

@sidharth_shukla @ishehnaaz_gill

People have cried when they did not talk to each other.

People would literally Love mountains to see them together.

People treat them like their own family members.

For anyone who say that "sidnaaz have haters", yes, as celebrities, they do have haters, but the amount of love they have received from all over the world can make anyone speechless. No one feel so connected towards just "celebrities". Obviously people them+
For their personalities, for their nature, and of course people WORSHIP their bond. People only pray for their lifelong togetherness, SELFLESSLY.
There is a world beyond twitter and fandom wars, and there, people do love them immensely. Stan life is not restricted to only twitter and other social media. In the world, people love them very much. For example, my own family who doesn't have any stan accounts but love them sm!
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