Jungkook, best center we could have asked for. A Thread.

Its no exaggeration when we say that on top of their flawless vocals BTS moves like an AMAZING dance crew and recently on @worldofdance @JLo , @derekhough & @NeYoCompound explained why this position is SO important
Starting with this one that has quickly become a classic...this wasn’t even going to be aired but look at the out of world ENERGY that exudes out of him!
Now that we see where he is at now, let’s remember that from his very first MV Jungkook left no doubts as to why he earned his position as center.

And he was ONLY 15!
He never stops improving, here Jungkook is so exposed.
He’s front & center and he needs to be able to see both members on either side & be perfectly in sync with both!

This is probably one of their most impressive and iconic synchronization moments
Mic Drop still has one of the best dance breaks we have ever seen and look at him shining in the middle of it.
In just 6 seconds check out all the stage presence he blessed us with 😳
Even outside of dancing there is just something SO satisfying out of seeing Jungkook in the center, being happy as can be while surrounded by his Hyungs đŸ„ș

He just belongs there 💜
The center is also the perfect place to highlight how stable and on point Jungkooks vocals are regardless of how much he moves or how tired he is.
One word...ENERGY!
Even when he is dancing with other idols as he did here with Vixd and GOT7 he is placed as a lead in the center
The 2017 Mic Droo dance break as a service and Jungkook perfectly leads it, he stands out so naturally
Now that you’ve seen what he does as center have a little refresher of how power his music and his performances are.
He truly shines on his own too😍
Yes there’s already a clip of this choreo but this part is truly epic!
Jungkook’s intros are instantly iconic and what a way to start this amazing choreography 😍😍
Same choreography, different song but see how his dancing gives life to ANY song
Facial expressions are SO important and Jungkooks are always perfect and ready for their close up 😍
Look at the intensity on his face 😳

Jungkook really showed just how charming he can be here, and keep in mind he did a cover by Rain who is not only his Idol but considered to be Kpop royalty.

I would say Jungkook more than did him justice 😍
Lastly here is a couple compilations of his best center moments 😍😍
This really sets the tone of how iconic his moments as a center have always been 😍
In conclusion Jeon Jungkook has shaped the sound and look of BTS from day one. He has two of the most pivotal roles in the band. Main Vocalist AND Center. Here our leader RM the explains why he is so essential
Here is the first thread I ever made that highlights Jungkook’s incredible voice and why he is also our MAIN vocalist just in case there are any doubts that he is perfectly fitted for both titles 😁
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