OK here's the sunrises & sunsets from other people's cameras neutral topic get me out of SB jail content & topic ratio fixing thread. Please ignore rather than mute 🙏. For science. Please feel free to reply guy, post your own etc to appease the engagement part of the algos.
Starting with Oleg Albinsky's #statueofliberty at #sunset because it's the #4thofJuly #FourthofJuly2020

Ive been inside & it smells just like you'd think an old statue would smell inside
Someone else's pic of #sunrise over Masada. I've done that hike for the epic sunrise view. It was epic. Once was enough.
Someone else's #Thailand #vacation #sunset pic. Mine were actually better (no humbleness on this issue) but Gems reminded me its not safe to post that so here you go...but mine are really better :p #opsec
One of the most beautiful #ocean scenes I've ever photographed was #Santorini but mine were the other side of the island with dark cliffs & ocean expanse. But for the sake of the thread here's the white & blue in the #sunset you expect. #getmeoutoftwittersbjail
Someone else's #kauai #Hawaii #vacation #sunset pics . wish I could show you mine without all the filters & #photoshop It's my favorite of the islands. Hike to the waterfalls if you can. They are spectacular. #getmeoutoftwittersbjail
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