Why is the Terror Law dangerous for children?

The House of Representatives passed a bill lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 12 years old. Under Terror Law, even 12-year-olds may be tagged as terrorists.
Why is the Terror Law dangerous for students?

On October 2019, Duterte exposed a fabricated Red October plot. The military made a wholesale accusation saying that UP, ADMU, UST, and DLSU students are communist rebels.
Why is the Terror Law dangerous for the Lumad?

In his SONA in July 2017, Duterte warned that he will bomb Lumad schools, claiming that these schools taught subversion and communism to their students. After this threat, there have been aerial bombardments in Lumad communities.
Why is the Terror Law dangerous for farmers?

As of April 2019, around 200 farmers were already killed under Duterte. It means a farmer is killed almost every week. In all the killings, the military & police always said that the farmers were communist rebels associated with NPA.
Why is Terror Law dangerous for journalists?

In May 2020, largest broadcasting company in the PH, ABS-CBN, was shut down. Just recently, the court rendered a guilty verdict for Maria Ressa & Reynaldo Santos of Rappler for a cyberlibel case over an article written 8 years ago.
Why is the Terror Law dangerous for netizens?

The country witnessed the massive proliferation of fake news and systematic hurling of insults and red-tagging against all govt critics by PNP pages themselves and a “troll army” of allegedly paid supporters of Duterte.
Why is Terror Law dangerous for lawyers, HR defenders, & peace advocates?

On November 2018, Atty. Benj Ramos, a pro bono lawyer of farmers in Negros was killed. In January 2019, peace advocate Randy Malayao was killed by military while he was asleep in a bus in Nueva Vizcaya.
The killings & human rights violations were all justified by police &military by tagging everyone as communist-terrorist sympathizers. But the real common denominator among the victims: they are advocates, patriotic Filipinos who believed that the Filipino people deserve better.
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