I spent this #4thofJuly protesting... which is appropriate for an Oglala Lakota raised on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation from the warrior tribe of Crazy Horse and Red Cloud.

(1/6) #landback
As I wore this ribbon skirt I didn’t feel safe. I worried about my safety as I walked between police officers and Trump supporters. But I stood there nevertheless in my ribbon skirt and are many images in my memory that I will never forget:

(2/6) #landback
from an racist asshole saying “these cockroaches should go back to where they came from!” Little did he know we are standing exactly where we came from.

(3/6) #landback
...to watching a female Lakota military vet say #iamVanessaGuillen and then seeing her standing defiantly on top of the road block as the police and military approached.

(4/6) #landback
I also became overwhelmed and cried tears of a knowing that the ancestors were with us... and as I think of that moment now tears roll down my face.

(5/6) #landback
This was a historic moment for my people and I am grateful to have been able to witness it. Wopila to @ndncollective for organizing. Wopila to @womensmarch and @indigenouspeoplesmovement for allowing me to amplify with their live-streams. (6/6) #landback
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