(1/12) Who IS getting ready? https://twitter.com/godbless_trump_/status/1277434427350622213?s=21
(2/12) Keyword search "ready"
Did we not just come from Trump talking about JFK Jr?
(3/12) Do you believe in coincidences?
(4/12) +17 months
Fake news exposed
(5/12) Countdown.. Week 2 or 9?
(6/12) Be ready.
5:5 Comms confirmed?
(7/12) [5:5] Mother of all bombs 👀
(8/12) ✔
(9/12) Can't confirm date, could be today, could be a couple months..
Could also just be a massive string of coincidences..
(10/12) Read between the lines 👆🏼
(11/12) How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically Impossible?
(12/12) Ronald Reagan - World Peace 🌏

Keep up the good fight Patriots!
Much love 🙏🏼
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