Can we get a commissary fund thread going to support our incarcerated comrades on the 4th of July?

Drop those fundraisers, venmo handles, and paypals 👇👇👇
I’ll start. The @CamAmerCouncil is still raising funds to support Black immigrants detained in Pine Prairie, Louisiana. DONATE:
Support incarcerated Black trans/queer youth! The Black Excellence Collective is expanding their mutual aid work and training the next generation of youth activists. Over half of the $$ raised will go to bail funds, legal fees, and commissary funds.
. @survivepunishNY is supporting incarcerated survivors of gender-based violence through commissary funds and care packages. DONATE:
. @FianzaFund is supporting detained people in West Texas/New Mexico through deposits to commissary and phone accounts while also fighting to #DefundThePolice and #AbolishICE.

. @paroleprepny is running a mutual aid campaign for people incarcerated in NY state prisons. Donations will go towards commissary funds, care packages, phone funds, and reentry services.

Venmo @/David-Brazil-7 of @AbolitionApost3 to give money to people on the inside 👇
. @AboComix is still filling commissary funds requests from incarcerated LGBTQ+ artists! Donate to their COVID-19 emergency fund:
. @power_blossoms is providing direct support for queer and trans people incarcerated in California! Donations go towards stamps, envelopes, commissary disbursements, care packages & reentry support.

Venmo: @/powerblossoms
Cash app: $powerblossoms
. @nu_abolition is raising emergency funds for incarcerated folks! Open your wallet and DONATE 👇👇
. @FL_Abolition is raising medical funds for a disabled incarcerated man! Help James with his ADA eligibility assessment. $1,500 is needed. DONATE:
. @SanctuaryDMV and @SURJ_NoVa are supporting folks incarcerated at #ICAFarmville where 93% of people tested are positive for COVID. $$ will go towards bond fees, court support, commissary contributions, & reentry support.
. @ATLSolFund is providing commissary and jail support to people arrested during the Atlanta protests. DONATE:
People held in Tennessee's Bradley County Jail are under 23-hour a day lockdown and being denied basic PPE. Funds are being raised to bail folks out and provide commissary support to those who inside longer term.

It's hot outside. It's even hotter on Rikers Island. @BklynDefender is providing people with lightweight clothing to make it through the hot summer months. These are high need items!

Ohio Immigrant Alliance is supporting immigrants at the Morrow County Jail & ICE facility where nearly 100% of people inside tested positive for COVID-19 in June.

All funds donated go directly to commissary accounts. DONATE:
. @IC4IJ is supporting folks detained at the ICE facility in Adelanto, CA to help them buy essentials (including soap and PPE). Venmo @IC4IJ to contribute 👇👇
. @restore_CAL started a Facebook group to organize canteen support for incarcerated people in California during COVID-19.

Give directly to people on the inside so they can purchase extra food and hygiene items. Instructions in the about section:
. @f2lnetwork started a relief fund that provides direct funding to queer and trans people of color incarcerated in NY state. The relief fund commits $300 a month in commissary support for 6 months, or $1,800 in total.

Support Vanessa, an incarcerated Black trans woman, with her legal fees and commissary funds.

Support an incarcerated student if you can👇👇👇
Laura is raising funds for her incarcerated penpal Jerney - an incarcerated Black trans woman currently in solitary confinement. Jerney is an incredibly talented artist who needs help paying off some outstanding fees with extra money going to commissary.
Anastasia has been accepted to Adams State University and starts classes this fall! Help an incarcerated trans woman finish her degree so she can and continue to advocate for the LGBTQ community upon release.

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