A new #controversy! Reduced cases in #Ahmedabad due to #herdimmunity or due to #AmdavadAMC ! The fact is everything contributes a bit but mostly it’s the huma-virus coexistence ! Virus is learning to co-habitate by becoming milder ! As if it kills everyone whom it infect , 1/
#virus soon will not have many potential hosts .. so it’s important for virus survival too to mutate and become milder & less lethal ! So my opinion definitely #Covid_19 soon shall become like seasonal flu ! It will come and go periodically with drastically reduced serious cases!
So , some will have strong inherent immunity & will not get infected , some will get infected & then develop immunity , virus will become milder so as not to create serious disease and there will be some who shall still succumb to even mildest virus !!
So finally it’s the host-virus interaction that will decide how #Covid_19 will behave in future & for how long before it becomes endemic.
Do not hope that #Covid_19 can be eradicated like #smallpox in near future even with vaccines .. vaccines again will help to make virus milder ! We have to co-exist ! No option !
But as a society we can’t not let our guards down ! Avoid gatherings , keep masked yourself and focus on immunity !
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