Holiday Homework Scrapbook.

Task 1. DressUpDressUp as Daddy & Dadi.
Task 2,3,4. InterviewInterview with friends happily agreeing to nod & listen.
Task 5. Took Bhaiya & Didi who live in the SQ in a SUV & plonked them on a sidewalk for a MinglingWithMigrants photo shoot.
Task 6. Played DoctorDoctor with Nurses. No, no! Not like that but with our party workers pretending to be nurses.
Task 7. PretendPretend.
Got Party workers to pretend to be ordinary folks & voice their unhappiness with the PMs handling of the situation in Ladakh.
Supplementary Tasks.
Wake up in the night every morning & ask questions. Any Q. The point is to come across as very informed & intelligent.
This is fun !🥳🥳

But really, really hoping the International flights ✈️ ✈️ resume & I can leave for my undisclosed location soon
The End.

PS. Gotta help sis with
🏠 🧳 🧳 🧳📦 📦 📦 🚚🚚🏡
Hello. Surjewala ? Get here pronto.
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