good morning i think i will cause problems today by RANKING ALL THE ROAD TO KINGDOM PERFORMANCES!!!!!
‘nobody asked’ yeah nobody did but this is my account and i get to say what i want
again this is my opinionnnnn if you don’t like it idc get out of my mentions i’ll try to be unbiased but the bias will show and if i sound mean... too bad
90 second performance
i can understand the rankings like i can see where the idols are coming from when they vote but frankly i don’t give a fuck right know because these are MY opinions

1. THE BOYZ - does this require explanation? it does not

2. golden child - LISTEN !!!! this
queen deserved so much better than fourth the choreo was so GOOD and choreographing to dubstep is sO HARD and they were so synchronised

3. verivery - they were nice. the part at the beginning was really spicy and DONGHEON looked nice :))) and the choreo was really good
4. pentagon - truth be told i didn’t actually like this performance bc wooseok scary as shit like it was done well and creative it’s just not my taste and this thread is about ME so it’s about MY taste

5. onf - this one was okay. it was boring and a weak start for onf but it’s
okay since they redeemed themselves in the next ep ANYWAYS it wasn’t bad it just wasn’t all that interesting

6. oneus AND too - putting them together because both were equally meh. like i knew that both groups could do better it’s just that they were in comeback preparations
so they couldn’t do a whole lot but i respect the hustle !! no last place for either group bc they worked hard ANYWAYS
song of king perf

1. the boyz
2. golden child - i had a bit of a debate with this one bc i really like both. tbz’s stood out to me more at the start bc it was really shocking and hard hence why i would have put them straight at the top without thinking when i watched the ep
HOWEVER it has been two months and i don’t really watch danger anymore but i’m watching golcha’s top performance DAILY and i think about it a lot. performance wise, i think tbz’s was more shocking (bonus points for song choice) and golcha’s was BEAUTIFULLLLL but
when i’m recalling what i felt at the time, tbz first and that’s what they got HOWEVER golden child did not deserve fifth for top i swear the voters have something against ethereal performances
3. onf - i actually really liked this !!! it was such an upgrade from the week before and the arrangement matched onf well and it’s GOOD (+ bonus points for hyojin)

4. too - their performance was really good too the SHOULDER PART WAS SO >>>>>>
5. verivery - it was only okay but i liked the dance break parts and bonus points for the existence of DONGHEON !!!! the concept was really interesting too it has ‘verivery world domination’ energy
6. pentagon - listen i can’t remember a single thing from their performance besides yeoone going ‘okay’ bc hes cute but i don’t really vibe with the whole thing

7. oneus - first of all i’m TIREDDDD of the 2013 angsty school boy concept bts already ate everyone else up for that,
there’s no point anymore. the song was nice and so was the meaning however i would have liked it if more of the members did stunts rather than the backup dancers. backup dancers are supposed to elevate the artists not outshine and imo that’s what happened
my song perf
1. tbz - reveal catching fire ate everybody else up i said what i said she was a POWERHOUSE and the reason why i never watched danger again she dROWNED danger out she made danger look subpar

2. verivery - photo was so good the concept was interesting the BEGINNING
was so powerful photo is still in my playlist she ATEEEEEEE also minchan’s part with kangmin (the neck thing) was really cool

3. hmmmmm onf - i didn’t actually like this performance but i didn’t really give a fuck about the rest either and this one was done well i just didn’t
like it all that much bc the concept is not my taste but that’s on me

4. oneus - actually i think their performance was done really well and they took NOTES and learned and they utilised the stage really well + i liked seoho’s rap HOWEVER there was so much going on onstage it
felt a bit distracting to the individual members sometimes but it’s OKAY !!

5. golden child - i was really excited for this one after the SNAPPERYYY that was top and it’s not like this one was bad i just felt that they could have done MORE. majority of the choreo
was the same just in different sides of the stage and i feel like they could have used more props/backup dancers to elevate the perf. EITHER WAY JOOCHAN >>>>> if this were an individual ranking JOOCHAN would be first he ate everybodyyyy up and frankly he was the most interesting
part of this performance.

6. pentagon - personally this performance was really boring bc i’m not into sappy shit and they knew that this was gonna be a weak one but it’s for jinho so its okay

7. too - idk i just don’t get it it wasn’t that interesting still like them tho
collab perf

1. tbz x oneus - i am INFURIATED and CONFUSED that miss heroine placed last where is the TASTE like she was beautiful !!!! look at changmin smiling with his friend hwanwoong that shit hits HARDDDDD the STORY
2. verivery x too - idk it was pretty good majority of the dance parts were done really well the synchronisation was spot on but at some parts it was really lacklustre like when jaeyoon couldn’t get the flag (which was tiny btw it could have been bigger for IMPACT) and the ending
???? where they just walked around ???? that was super confusing, ALSO i would like to discuss the bridge. for me the highlight in the bridge is jungkook’s PURE vocals without bgm and with the bgm it’s less ethereal bc i know gyehyeon jaeyoon and yeonho have beautiful voices I

3. ptg x onf - this shit hurt it was so boring i was so confused and the arrangement HURT like why would you take rosie’s bridge out like that HUI !!!! anyways thank you hyojin for redeeming it but i still hated ktl i’m sorry blackpink
your song perf

1. the boyz - i was once again angry that they didn’t win with this one PLEASE IT WAS SO CLEVER AND BEAUTIFUL like usually i don’t give a fraction of a fuck about classical music but quasi una fantasia and top MADE me give a fraction of a fuck
i just don’t think it sits right that the performances with classical pieces sampled didn’t do better + the most BEAUTIFUL performances i have something against the live voters WHY THE FUCK YALL LET GOLDEN CHILD GET E WORDED FUCK YOU
2. onf - it’s good. i really liked it the PURE GOOD ENERGY WAS SPOT ONNNN and i loved the arrangement and i love how the producer put in parts of complete into the song like YESSS !!! hyojin and changyoon ATE THIS UP they snapped
3. verivery - controversial? maybe bc i don’t really know whether it’s ca bc idk if using a story that isn’t part of your culture is ca but either way i liked the arrangement of the song and the one-shot concept + use of props was really interesting
4. oneus - i liked it. it was good. i feel like be mine is a hard song to do but oneus ate this up !! they did well !! the cutting fabric part is SO COOL i love it

5. pentagon and too - i can’t choose which one i hate less. too’s was just not it it made me feel uncomfortable
and pentagon’s was just boring they keep going back to the same concept (besides spring snow but that’s a different story) i am TIREDDT of this angsty emo bg concept i want CRITICAL BEAUTY BACK !!!!
final song

1. ONE(Lucid Dream) by GOLDEN CHILD just kidding they didn’t even make it to this point i hate everyone but stream one ANYWAYS
1. the boyz - checkmate was a slay she ate the charts up and the performance was PERFECT this is not up for discussion i said what i said

2. verivery - actually i like come back home more but i just liked the performance for beautiful x better it was SO CUTE its very verivery
3. oneus - this is my second favourite song on the album but the performance was kinda creepy so i was like :///// but the song is fantastic

4. pentagon - actually baskia (is that how you spell it??) is not a bad song i was just tired bc it’s exactly like dr bebe (which was a
slay btw) and i want to see more i want CRITICAL BEAUTY !!!!

5. onf - i didn’t watch the final ep live bc i was graduating so i watched the performances at my own will where the skip button is free to use and i USED IT !!! this performance was not interesting at all
i can’t seem to remember much from it maybe it’s because i skipped some parts but i was really praying for new world to be good and it disappointed me i hate this song and i’m going back to listen to WHY
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