📌Have you wondered why #Epstien, #ghislanemaxwell, and #NXIVM sex slave cult ( slaves were seared with a brand of Kieth Raniere and Allison Mack intials *spells MARK in a mirror) were allowed to happen for over 15 years? Follow me and let's talk about that!
📌The NXIVM trial and Epstien Island of Horrors receives little attention in our media. In fact, today #ChrisCuomo of #CNN states "Now let's not get all caught up in 'The Intrigue of Who Jeffrey Epstiens friends are" *We know #ChrisCuomo visits the island he is a friend.
📌I would ask #CNN #andersoncooper to investigate but Anderson has been to the island and his Mom was a child sacrificing satanist. Look above bed👇
📌Who else allowed NXIVM to grow preying on the Youth of America? Who was the Attorney General and later Governor of New York? #AndrewCuomo He also visits #Epstien Island of Horrors. Cuomo refuses to do anything about NXIVM Dr. searing a hot brand onto members.'🤔
📌What about New York Dem Politician Kristin Gilliland? Her Father and Step Mother fall in love working for NXIVM cult. She also recieves donations from Bronfman Family. The Bronfman Family bankroll the NXIVM cult🤔
📌Dem N.Y. Sen. Chuck Schumer did nothing because he was also Epstien Island of Adrenochrome harvesting visitor and known in NXIVM cult. The temple was for worshipping the 4 Princes of darkness btw.
📌Who else is a member of the NXIVM sex slave cult? Eric Schneiderman the 65th N.Y. Attorney General from 2011 to 2018 who resigns after four woman come forward about sexual, verbal and physical abuse. Are you shocked? I could go on all night about this sick puppy!
📌Have you ever wondered how President Obama was able to get $65,000 of (boys, girls) otherwise known as hot dogs and pizza into White House without Secret Service knowing. Easy former Director of Secret Service Mark Sullivan was a member of NXIVM.
#WakeUpAmerica this evil has preyed upon us for the last time. Stand up for our children. Thank you for reading. I am a citizen journalist for truth because our media are paid to lie to you. Turn off the box! Here is the truth about #Qanon
📌UPDATE Two more pedo island lovers #MarkZuckerberg 👇(name is Greenburg and Snowden is his cousin) and #BillGates 👇flight logs *did you know he owned top floors of Vegas shooting with Muslim Brotherhood Prince Alwaleed. The one who pays for Obama Harvard education...
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