History of Kashmir-
(According to Nilamata Purana)

Kashmir was a large lake a beautiful lake full of water for millions of years, with time the water of lake receded and we got our Beautiful Kashmir as we see now.
People who lived there used to study Vedas and other shastras, they used to do yajnas, they were expert in Vedas and sanskrit, kshatriyas were all expert in art of fighting. They all followed Dharma, Sanatana Vedic Dharma.
That place was beautiful and full of teerthas and temples, Rishis used to live there, temperature of that place was ideal for living, that land of Kashmir was land of Vedas and Knowledge.
Agriculture was not dependent on rains, people lived there happily and peacefully, one could always hear recital of Vedas and sounds of bows, there used to be festivals which all celebrated.
Full of beautiful gardens, in which one could hear sound of veena, so many beautiful flowers and trees full of fruits, which sages used to eat, animals like deers used to roam around.
Kashmir was Punya bhoomi which had all sacred places, sacred rivers, sacred lakes, sacred mountains along which there were temples and Ashrams of Rishis.
Through center of Kashmir flowed Vitasta(Jhelum) river, the sacred river born from the Himalayas.
That was Kashmir as per Nilamata Purana, the Kashmir which was land of Vedas, land of Rishis, land of Sanatana Dharma. Today it is ruined by violence and t£rror!sm.
We must try our best to restore Kashmir to its former glory, the mantras of Vedas will be heard again in the valley
कश्मीरमण्डलं पुण्यं सर्वतीर्थमरिन्दम्।।
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