Today I literally sat down and cried. I literally bawled my eyes out and cried until there were no more tears left to cry.

You see, I had just spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon helping Harvest Hills Cares Calgary talk to individuals and families who have been dealt the most terrible of blows. 2/?
The families and individuals that I talked to were begging and pleading for help. Begging and Pleading for help because they had no where else to turn and they were asking @HarvestHillsYYC to put them in touch with @Hell_Berta so they could ask @Hell_Berta for help.

When I listened to the families tell me about how they thought they were safe from Eviction only to find out that once the State of Emergency was lifted, their landlords demanded they pay rent or face immediate eviction.

I listened to families that told me they got notices from @TELUS that essentially said that unless they make immediate payment arrangements and that since the school year has ended, their home services were at risk of getting cut off.

I listened to familes tell me that when this whole Covid-19 pandemic started, their employers gave them ROE's laying them off with a later date of recall only to find out that they no longer had a job and to top it off....

...Service Canada told them that they are no longer eligible for CERB nor Unemployment due to their ROE stating that they had an upcoming recall date.

I also listened to families and individuals tell me that they can't even sell any of their belongings simply because the local pawn shops are over flowing with product and that they have been turned away from both pawn shops and short term loan places as well.

I can go on and rant to everyone, tell you that there are everyday people who are struggling. These individuals are on the verge of EVICTION, of Not being able to have vital services like Electricity and Natural gas stay hooked up now that the State Of Emergency Is over....

But I can't, I feel defeated. I'm truly scared for these families that have children or aging parents or other family members that they are taking care of. I truly do not know what to do except ask as many people as I can to help.

If you can help please DM me and I will connect you with a family in need and with the staff of Harvest Hills Cares Calgary, who have been on the phone and hitting the pavement trying to help as many people in need as possible.

I won't tag the founder, Nor will I mention that Jennifer Kremenik has tirelessly helped many families out of her own pocket due to a funding shortfall. I won't mention the anonymous donors who have donated many times just in order to make sure every family was helped.

But if you live in the province of Alberta, or live in the country of Canada and really truly care about your fellow Canadians, I urge you to put aside your differences and consider donating to helping out the little organizations or groups in your community.

If there is anyone who can help Harvest Hills Cares Calgary please DM me because just this afternoon alone I heard Jenn on the phone with a family that was scared of being kicked out and evicted...especially with a new born baby just a few weeks old in their family.

Shame on You @jkenney Shame on You @RajanJSaw Shame on you to every @Alberta_UCP

All these families tears & despair is wholly on you!

@MarieFrRenaud @JanisIrwin @GBrarNDP #donate #Donations #Alberta #Canada #Help #Gofundme #HelpYourNeighbor #HelpYourFriend

Please dm me if you want to be connected to a family that has agreed to be helped anonymously, or the staff at Harvest Hills Cares Calgary.

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