Yes folks, only around 7,500 tickets were sold for this event at Mt. Rushmore.

But just you wait until the national TV audience is tabulated, plus those watching on YouTube and streaming channels.

This will ***easily*** top the 11 million viewers Trump got for his Tulsa rally.
And remember what this is all about:

Trump is going to set the contrast tonight between himself and an increasingly insane Democratic Party that is enabling/encouraging tiny Marxist mobs demanding that America's founding fathers be replaced with Karl Marx & Vladmir Lenin.
While the tiny Marxist mobs started the 'tear down all the founders statues!' craze, the Democrats in the city halls have taken up the cry.

Trump will CLEARLY DEMONSTRATE his opposition to replacing America's original founding with a Marxist Socialist one.
As they are screaming for statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln & Teddy Roosevelt to be pulled down, Trump is going to stand in front of America's BIGGEST MONUMENT to the Founding fathers & the foundations of this country & defend them.
So the battle lines of this coming election are about to be CLEARLY DRAWN.

There will be no gray area.

Everybody will clearly see what each side stands for.
One side is calling for a ripping up & destruction of the American founding & replacing it with Marxist-Leninism.

They are literally calling for a totalitarian system.

The other side is defending the Constitutional Republic.
This is where the fighting back begins.

This is where we hold them.

This is where Trump rallies the legion of patriots in this country against the Democratic Party & the Democratic Party's tiny Marxist goon squads.

Pick up your shield and GET READY.

BTW, quick addendum: Marxist Socialists know all about deculturalization. A strong, healthy culture is much harder to destroy and replace with a Marxist one.

Destroying the common culture that holds Americans of all races, classes and creeds together has been job #1 for them.
That's why the counter-offensive Trump is launching to defend this common American history & culture is so important.

He will not allow any more statues on federal land to come down or be vandalized. He will clearly show we have a culture worth defending.
The American motto is E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One.

The Marxist creed could be the exact opposite: E Unum Pluribus, Out of One, Many.

That's why turning us all against each other is vital to their plans.
We're not replacing these guys on the left with these guys on the right, I don't care how many cultured elitist pricks in 3 piece suits put on airs and pontificate about how it needs to be done "for the good of the country".

I figured out these Marxist demons long ago.
There's a reason Saul Alinsky dedicated his book "Rules For Radicals" to Lucifer.

And it was not a nice reason.

I prefer this guy and make no apologies about it.

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