Yeah. We're just gonna thread. For any #TheMagicians fans who might find this useful for cosplay and/or general thirsting purposes: some Fillorian Eliot Wardrobe Details.

First up: The Cape™
This thing is like... really heavy? I don't know why I didn't expect it to be heavy lmao. I think it probably has something to do with it being a double layer of velvet with a lot of ruching. There is just... a ton of fabric here y'all.
Ruching details. It is delightfully bouncy. There also feels like there's maybe??? Padding??? In the collar???
And the embroidery is... exquisite.
I had always wondered about how this thing was fastened and it's just... two really long pieces of fabric attached to snaps and then sewn over? I don't believe these were added until 3x01, and I assume they were just tied or pinned in place.
I also have the shirt that was worn with the 3x01 archer outfit and lmao it is... a lot. This thing is like if a nightgown had a baby with a wrap top.
The fabric is very shiny and sheer and soft. Each side has a single snap + hook and eye closure to fasten in the back
The sleeves are approximately six miles long and have hook and eye closures on the cuffs. I might be obsessed.
Next up: The shirt from 2x02 aka the shirt I will cyber bully until the end of time
I love this stupid shirt. It's so soft. It feels like pajamas and is really embracing that "I woke up late and buttoned my shirt up all wrong" aesthetic.
A single snap with a hook and eye on the collar. It's got structure but it's... really soft? I think it's got padding inside. The neckline was completed with this random long piece of fabric because of course it was.
I don't know if I'm more obsessed with the weird collar on this shirt or the hand stitching details on the cuffs tho
Next up is this magnificence from 3x02
First, this shirt?? Is really out here doing the most. Eliot Waugh really did say don't you dare make a single one of my shirts symmetrical.
This one also has hook and eye closures on the sleeves and the most gorgeous hand stitching details all over
The stitching really is just !!! Here is the back of the collar being sexy af
And this vest... god. The fabric is gorgeous and the construction is everything.
Some closeups of the ~details. Hook and eye closures all the way down the front.
The love this stupid gorgeous overcoat with its shoulder pads and TAILS. If anyone actually wants or needs a picture of the tails lmk cause I apparently forgot lmao. Anyway this one closes with a single hooky boi in the front.
And the back + sleeve details featuring lining 🥰
And that's it for the Fillorian stuff I believe. I'm concluding this one w/ the Indiana Eliot shirt + socks because I can't stop laughing that @_torie and @hearts530 threw in a pair of what is no doubt the sexiest pair of socks in Eliot's wardrobe to begin with lmao I love y'all
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