maybe if Elon Musk didn’t want people to reply to him with the pic of him and Ghislaine, he shouldn’t have taken that pic or gone after a person he defamed in court as a “pedo guy”? just some observations
Elon Musk is a huge dipshit but he absolutely knew who Ghislaine was when that photo was taken.

The one thing he has is money, and the thing he craves is access. Ghislaine had access. He knew who she was

by the way I don’t mean access to children. I mean access to the echelon of society who kept finding themselves in her company
this is a good a time to talk about what a tech CEO actually does: they spend most of their time working people with influence and money or some other power to keep their business going.

Nobody embodies that more than Elon, whose company is heavily reliant on consideration
you don’t run a shit show of a business like tesla and always end up one pubic hair width on the right side of the law without that help
that’s the whole point: grifters form a grifter ecosystem that is essentially a derivative monetary unit
you can’t take the whole thing down because the risk is distributed
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