I was in audience of a programme called Cunntas about 20 yrs ago. The topic was the state of the Gaelic language. I was asked by my Irish friend Aoife, who was a SMO stident working at BBC, to be controversial. The heads of Sabhal Mòr, Comunn na Gàidhlig etc were congratulating..
...themselves about the 'ath-nuathachadh' in Gaelic. I got my chance to ask a question to the bastions of the language on TV: 'I remember when I heard lots of Gaelic outside Broadford Church. You don't today. My great aunts and uncle, my Gran all speak beautiful Gaelic. But...
...what happens when that generation is gone? The answer was: bluster and embarrassment and anger, but mainly that they were doing distance learning of Gaelic all over the world and it was an international language. Pathetic. Simple fact is this: Those organisations...
...that are supposed to protect Gaelic have done almost nothing for it as a community langauge. But the biggest culprits are Government, both local and national. I don't know if SNP are being misled by their agencies or are happy with gestures but ffs, if you want our ancient...
..language to survive in our communities there needs to be significant state intervention:
1. Gaelic only schools
2. Generous housing grants in fragile communities to get locals Gaels home from cities
3. Significant help for business, including cultural enterprises
4. Do...
...everything you can to make Gaels feel confident about their language. Elected leaders making an effort to speak it would help.

Lots of other things that can be done but it will to be the eternal shame of @theSNP if Gàidhlig effectively dies on their watch. I supect history..
might say the SNP wanted to do much more but were worried what the papers might say. Now is last chance to do what should have been done in 2007. Gestures of funding for existing, failing institutions not good enough.
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