Jason Kenney's UCP government has chosen to delay the release of already audited financial statements for the #Alberta Heritage Trust Fund. This is in contravention of a reporting deadline specified in the Alberta Heritage Trust Fund Act. #ableg
These financial statements could potentially reveal some of AIMCo's recent profound failures as an investment management provider. We know that AIMCo was using what some pension experts deemed an irresponsible and high risk volatility investment scheme.
Put another way, AIMCo appear to have been selling a sort-of insurance against market fluctuations. When COVID-19 struck and markets fluctuated wildly, it seems AIMCo was left paying out huge losses on a strategy some experts said AIMCo should never have been involved with.
The question of AIMCo's capability and competence is extremely important to the #ableg debate on my private member's bill, Bill 203 - the Pension Protection Act. Recent changes by the UCP force several #Alberta pensions to use AIMCo as their sole investment management provider.
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