It's July 3th and I no longer work for Wizards of the Coast. I no longer work on D&D. 
I'm going to be taking at least a month off from working to gather myself and figure out where I want to take my life from here.

I'll also be taking a break from Twitter. You can reach me by email.
I cut myself off from a lot of people over this time period because of how much it hurt to be silent. To not talk about what was going on with me. To worry about losing my job and future opportunities.

But I care more about integrity.
I'm going to be streaming to stay connected to people outside of my immediate circle. Live notifs should be connected to Twitter so you can catch them. And if I end up working on personal projects I'll have patreon updates linked to Twitter as well.  for my games
for those who want to support me financially
cash app: $LavKnight
Venmo: @ OrionBlack

Pushing aside pride cuz I don't have health insurance anymome.
Staying true to my corny ass self.
You can follow @OrionDBlack.
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