2. If white Anthros have studied Indigenous people, Indigenous onto-epistemological, languages, laws, philosophies, for so long, how do you, on the balance, keep failing to live up to careful, honourable, considerate and SLOW, humble, diplomatic relations with Indigenous people?
3. It is such a basic act of care to — before publishing something — talk to the folks impacted. Deliberate. Sit on things. Your rush to protect some reputation (whether individual, a haunting, an institution) has too many far reaching consequences. Anthros: SIT WITH THINGS.
4. I am struggling to understand how anthropologists could dedicate centuries to studying plural governance systems, philosophies, ways of knowing-being, and yet keep responding to Indigenous peoples in such a *western*dominant academic way. (I mean I know. I know. I’m still sad)
5. & not to quibble but the blog claims among other things that a White person was the first person to call what happened to Indigenous people in US a Holocaust (in 1961!) when Lemkin himself viewed what happened to Indigenous people as genocide+built his theory on colonialism...
6. Dominant white Anthropology does not deserve the communities it exploits, romanticizes, and violates through its inability to act in good relation as an honourable reciprocal being accountable to the people it writes about and fantasizes about and objectifies as data.
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