Unpopular opinion:

Population-wide coverage of UNREGULATED electricity cost usage is FAIR.

It is a form of corporate applied social security tax.
People who connect to the national electricity grid without permission are usually the poor and marginalized. THEY NEED access and can't enrol in regulated pay per use systems.

It's a consequence of macroeconomic and social failures.
They should not suffer and live in the dark ages because they can't afford to pay per use! Lack of electricity affects education (kids can't do home work etc), health & safety!
It's the state's responsibility to help! The state can only help through revenue, primarily taxes which few Jamaicans pay. So direct application of the cost via a service we all need ensures a broader tax net!!!!
This is a question of equity! What we need is transparency on how much, and efforts to clampdown on privileged segments of the population who steal electricity. #EndTedTalk
Before I end, it must be clear that: If you are mad about paying a levy for MOSTLY the poor and marginalized connecting themselves to the national grid because they would have to discount health, education and sustenance to pay for it, YOU ARE FUNDAMENTALLY ANTI-POOR!
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