I loved reading this touching post on reading by Wahida, an amazing ECVHS student.

Shared with permission:

"When I was living in Afghanistan with my big family, I had about 20 cousins who were all around my age. We all loved listening to stories and reading them..." (thread) https://twitter.com/ECVHSLibrary/status/1270533243859681280
".... I remember, we had a storytime and my aunt, who was a teenager at that time, would read a story for all of us each day. We had a big hall and we would all sit in a circle and listen to the story quietly that aunt would read for us..." (thread continues)
"...I was 6 years old at that time, after a few months we had to flee due to the wars, and I never met my cousins, aunt, and my whole family again. But, the story that we read/heard together will always stay with me..." (thread continues)
"...Sometimes, I hear the same stories here and I usually encounter an emotional moment and realize the fact that life is truly unpredictable because the first time I heard this story was in Afghanistan, in my home, sitting in a circle with all my cousins."

(end thread)
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