I’m about to drop another depressing story about Hong Kong with @Nuttallreports. But first, a full minute video documenting the first time kittens Miko and Momo playing with the classic, “ball on string.”
Incredible development. The grey-eared Miko, who earlier didn’t really know what was going on, has made off with the ball leaving Momo with only the stick to play with!
Are your friends or family not online or don’t follow the news? This really is something every person has to pay attention to, even though it’s the latest in a series of unreal events of 2020. https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2020/07/03/what-the-new-hong-kong-security-law-means-for-canadians-everywhere.html
Before working in mainland China, I made the decision to formally renounce my HKSAR/Chinese citizenship. It's actually unclear how much this will protect me if I get detained. People have asked me about the options for Hong Kongers with the privilege of a second passport...
Miko and Momo are happy to help! https://twitter.com/ThatMcRider/status/1279186274973372417
Really important point to keep in mind. https://twitter.com/David_Mulroney/status/1279145149960945664
Example of how wide-ranging and draconian the security law is -- I just referenced the protest slogan, "Liberate Hong Kong" on the radio with @jodyvance. That itself means I may have violated the law. Unclear if media has the ability to use banned phrases. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/jul/02/hong-kong-protesters-laying-low-following-mass-arrests-china
Ending this thread with a photo of Hong Kong born cats, now Canadian citizens. But remember, Beijing likely won’t recognize their Canadian citizenship. https://twitter.com/janeparryhk/status/1279196180673638400?s=21 https://twitter.com/janeparryhk/status/1279196180673638400
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