There’s another 13 comms

13 minutes

We’ve seen it from Biden/Oprah/Hillary/Andrew and others

Eyes on Canada - some big habbening may be about to go down
Suspect is a Corey Hurren. Can’t make out the logo on the cap - but this thing gives me a Freemason/Cabal/secret society “sending a warning” vibe. Dig and watch for symbolism.
This drop was not a rando.
“He then hid by the Rose Garden on the grounds for about three minutes before heading toward the greenhouse on foot, said Duheme”

Rose Garden. 3 min.

“What does a flower represent?” - #Qanon

This seems like a “keep your mouth shut” warning event
He runs a sausage farm/business.
+Guess who [they] will blame for it. All [assets] deployed.
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