ATEEZ as Miss Peregrine's peculiar children ; a short thread
Hongjoong as Jacob
- calm and collective
- willing to risk lives to protect close ones
- leader material 100/10
Seonghwa as Emma Bloom
- not just a pretty face :'))
- looks cold but is actually kind, gentle and a little sensitive.
- very trusting and loyal
Yunho as Fiona
- jolly and happy and brings happiness to ppl around them as well
- loves to bicker
- they give you energy just by looking at them :'))
Yeosang as Millard Nullings
- really cute and soft bbys
- would love to try teaching if they could
- gives off a very happy and calm vibes
San as Enoch 'o' connor
- possessive of their close ones
- conjuring mischief 24/7
- there's not a lot of things they can't do
Mingi as Horace Somnusson
- courageously cowards but have an individual capability
- is into fashion and clothes
- very charming
Wooyoung as Olive
- really friendly and gives off a very welcoming vibe
- helpful
- loves to show adoration to close ones
Jongho as Bronwyn Buntley
- super strong,,very very strong
- hates showing affection but would do subtle things to show their love
- babys,, like literal babys,, they're strong but they still need to be taken care of :'))
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