1/ Ok, here's my #HamiltonFilm story. Aug, 2015. We're visiting NYC. I hear about Hamilton, still at public. But in the end worry it's not going to excite an 8 yo. Here's photo from that trip I love.
2/ Fast-forward, March 2016. Back in New York, back in New York. Having dinner with my friend @OlatiJ. Her kids just regale us with the soundtrack, the fan videos, the dance moves. It was just one of the funnest bits of kid enthrallment I'd ever seen. Revelatory, by proxy!
3/ Three months later, at Sulzberger program at Columbia (I did not amaze and astonish). Part of culture to go out every night with group. But I am resolved to see show. Tickets are insane. Gulp, we're doing this. I get to theater. Honestly the pre-game almost as good as show.
4/ Folks outside, some hoping for tickets. Some just there to commune. So many high school kids. So many teachers. And everybody just singing like, every song.
5/ Eventually we go inside.
6/ And here's my favorite part. So I spent, ~$1,400 on that ticket. I've never spent anything like that on anything that wasn't travel or a piece of furniture in my life. And I am super Quaker guilty about it. But I introduce myself to a lady, also a solo seat next to me and...
7/ She says "you bought my extra ticket! That's how I could afford to come here!" She's a music teacher from CO, got tickets early. Drove across country, staying sister in Jersey (everything happens in...). Was worried it wouldn't sell; i only bought a few days ago.
8/ So Quaker guilt lifts. She tells me like a million music teacher things about the show, which I wish I'd wrote down. And the show is...simply the best thing I've ever seen not a single regret about the money.
9/ After the show, if anything the crowd is more joyous.
10/ And the cast comes out, and does their thing. Which is super generous of them, also world's best hype squad. Here's me with @DaveedDiggs (not the greatest photo of either but).

One of the things that can't be captured in cast album is his genius for physical comedy.
11/ Here's @Lin_Manuel. Who is an inspiration not just for his phenomenal talent, but his generosity of spirit and deed. (Also, yes, I got the playbill signed by him, Daveed, and a few other key players.)
12/ New guilt: How had I not jumped on show at The Public. Esp since now clear I have a theater kid on my hands. So, gulp, I sign up for season at SNH aka @BroadwaySF so we can see traveling show. Which we do, twice. At one, #tommykail is in aisle next to us, taking notes
13/ Those performance of Hamilton were amazing also. And so was the whole season, really grounded our family in a love of musical theater. And my child is a Ham4Ham, or at least a ham now. Here, in a fractured fairy tale
14/ And here, in various roles.
15/ Finally, one of my favorite tweets ever. If you've never seen or if you've seen a traveling cast or even the original cast, I would highly recommend as a balm for the soul and a pure engagement with human and artistic potential> https://twitter.com/lin_manuel/status/568243453206913024?lang=en
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