I’ve read so much about how the Arts create x billion for the U.K. economy each year. Fine. But what about fundamentals - how the Arts enrich society in a myriad of ways; how the Arts can deepen and transform lives, individually and collectively; how music encourages people to
really listen, and therefore understand and be able to empathise; how it makes one think critically; how it helps one to express oneself in a constructive fashion; how it teaches one to be part of a group but also feel that you are a valued voice in that group; how it connects to
truth, honesty, integrity and beauty; how it can begin to express the inexpressible; how it’s vital to humanity to have all the Arts to represent our fragile human race in the highest form possible. Why is this not enough for our precious, precious Arts to be properly supported?
The Arts only bring benefit to society; there is no downside. Disconnection from a vital form of human expression is both dangerous and foolhardy. We are all made up of Mind, Body and Spirit. The Arts feed this trinity, but most especially the Spirit. If one leg of this
tripod of humanity is taken away, the whole collapses. We need the Arts more than ever right now.. Please support us. @OliverDowden @JuliaLopezMP @RishiSunak
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