The call for #LGBTQ+ people to sell their experiences of #torture to @HouseofCommons tells us that, even in a “specific commitment” to banning #conversiontherapy, the Govt can never eradicate the discrimination systematically embedded within practices of “reparative” torture. 1/4
This is not a reach out in support. There is no collective democratic public culture or an ongoing engagement with contentious, cantankerous queer politics. 2/4
Instead, there is a political sedative, in which #LGBTQ+ people are asked to wallow in their experiences of torture, shaming, gaslighting, and discrimination to prompt heterosexual guilt and justify protection. 3/4
Torture is torture. Torture against #LGBTQ+ people to “correct” their identity should, without the need for any discussion, be illegal. 4/4
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