On night of 2–3 July in downtown Portland, hundreds of antifa attacked the federal courthouse. They attacked responding police w/bottles, rocks, a knife & more. After breaking the building's glass doors, they launched mortars inside, starting a fire. https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/news/read.cfm?id=250945
Isaiah Emanuel Jackson (they/them), 35, was arrested at the violent antifa riot in Portland. Jackson is offering free therapy to those who experience "trauma" at the riots even though they're not eligible to pursue licensure in Ore. http://archive.vn/urW23  #antifa #PortlandRiots
Laurielle Yvette Aviles, a 28-year-old woman, was arrested at the antifa riot in downtown Portland. She was charged with felony assault of police, resisting arrest & more. She was quickly released. http://archive.vn/qXmsz  #antifa #PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots
Kristina "Gia" Lynn Naranjo-Rivera, 34, is a social-justice activist & student at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She was arrested at the antifa riot in Portland
& quickly released. http://archive.vn/VT1ad  http://archive.vn/6XonO  #antifa #PortlandRiots
Patrick Mellon, 37, was arrested at the antifa riot in Portland & quickly released. He has been to numerous violent antifa protests in recent weeks. http://archive.vn/ffB2j  http://archive.vn/2mXoi  #antifa #PortlandRiots #PortlandMugshots
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