1. You want some sauce for the "anti-mask" discussion? I got it, and the libs gave it to me!

There's an article going around suggesting "anti mask" individuals today are causing the same problems that San Francisco experienced in the 1918 flu. But it actually proves libs wrong!
2. It amazes me that so many liberals are using this article as their reason to demand mask wearing because it completely destroys their narrative.

The Spanish flu or, the 1918 flu, hit San Francisco and the city brought about many of the same ordinances that we're seeing today.
3. SF's health officer, Dr Hassler, saw the number of people in their city that were getting sick so, he decided to impose mandatory ordinances like closing businesses and churches, limiting groups, AND, imposing a mandatory mask ORDER.

The VAST majority of the city complied.
4. A relatively small number of residents resisted Hassler's mandatory orders. They were fined and went to jail for "disturbing the peace". Towards the end of the epidemic, Patriots finally sent a petition to the city demanding that the mandatory mask order be removed.
5. The city eventually agreed, lifting the order. This liberal article shows Hassler falsely claimed San Francisco had avoided mass spread of the disease faster than any other large city in the world because of his mandatory orders.

But, the article actually calls him a liar!
6. SF had 500,000 people in 1918. Not much has changed. The health officer lied to its citizens then, just like health officials are now, trying to make people think that their refusal to wear a mask causes mass deaths from this flu. They lied to push an agenda. Sound familiar?
7. So 40, how do you know they lied? Because, the article tells you they did.

"The epidemic brought nearly 45,000 cases of influenza to San Francisco and killed over 3,000 of its residents in the fall of 1918 and the winter of 1919. On numerous occasions throughout the fall...
8. ...of 1918 and winter of 1919 Hassler had made statements that San Francisco was the only large city in the entire world to check its epidemic so quickly. By mid-February 1919, however, when the United States Public Health Service released figures on the nation’s epidemic...
9. ...it became clear that Hassler had been wrong:

San Francisco was reported as having suffered the most of all major American cities, with a death rate approaching 30 deaths per 1,000 people. With more complete and accurate data today, we now know SF fared slightly better...
10. ...Still, the city's total excess death rate due to influenza and pneumonia during the epidemic was a whopping 673 per 100,000 people."

Ok, do you see what I see? San Francisco's Health officer, Dr Hassler, sounds just like one of the talking heads we see today.
11. Hassler mandated these illegal ordinances and bragged about how much he had done to save San Francisco from a high death rate. But, outside people who were tallying the numbers said that San Francisco was actually one of the top 5 worst hit cities in America.
12. Just like the CDC does today, those government OFFICIALS inflated their original numbers telling San Francisco that their death rate was 30 out of every 1,000 residents in the city. Just like today, the stated death rate was probably meant to scare the public into submission.
13. Real numbers showed 715 out of every 100,000 SF residents died from or from complications with, the Spanish flu. That's 7.15 out of 1,000 people in SF making it the 5th deadliest place in the US, even with all its forcefully observed illegal mandates. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/3085405001
14. It also means that in other large world cities where illegal mandates were not put in place, those cities fared much better than the heavily oppressed and heavily ruled city of San Francisco. Illegal and oppressive mandates didn't work then and they won't work now.
15. The deaths in SF first quoted by "officials" were outrageously high, scaring people into submission, just like today. But, even with corrected numbers San Francisco was still one of the hardest hit cities in the world, despite seeing VERY high compliance to mandatory orders.
16. The death rate in mostly subservient San Francisco for the Spanish flu was .00715 of the city's population. The incredibly, dishonestly reported, heavily inflated death rate in America today, is .000375 of our entire population...and only democrat states REALLY locked down.
17. And, guess what? The highest number of deaths reported are from those heavily controlled, democrat run states. Just like San Francisco's 1918 flu, the more submissive populations are to mandatory ordinances, the higher the number of deaths occur.

18. The Spanish flu in 1918 infected 45,000 of 500,000 people in San Francisco. That = .09 of the population. Today, even with the false and inflated numbers, and even with MILLIONS of conservatives fighting the illegal orders, just .008 of America (91% less) has had COVID-19.
19. Do you see what I'm saying? Even with a MUCH more dense population, even with MUCH higher rebellions against the illegal mandates, we have a MUCH lower per capita of cases today.

Here's the latest CDC website numbers to confirm what I just claimed.

20. So, liberals use this article and these bits of history to try and make a point that people should not resist the illegal mandates being made over COVID-19. However the history, and even the article itself, proves the opposite of their claims is true.

21. This was a freebie. I can't tell you how many people I've seen on various social media sites, sharing this particular article trying to say that it's proof that the anti-mask rebellion is hurting America. It's like they never even bothered to read the article or do the math.
22. Hopefully this will give you some knowledge and some sauce for the next time you have this conversation with someone who doesn't know the facts. Common sense and good hygiene rule the day. Now you have proof that illegal mandates don't help.

God bless.


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