1/ Am I the only one who has noticed, I doubt it. But I am the first to point this out in plain english

Have taken over every major American firm and organization & jammed them into a globalists multi-National group

May see these companies as Anti Trump https://twitter.com/TX_WalkerRanger/status/1278845861880004609
2/ The real truth is much more insidious. And what many are not seeing (as usual) is the obvious.

Step back look at the big picture. Every Sport , Monument ,religion,news,entertainment & consumer product. Are attacking OUR way of life. With the GOAL to push us away from it.
3) How many of you are stunned NASCAR,NBA,NFL are all siding with the leftists ?

The fact is Everything American has turned on you. Because they want you to not participate,buy or interact with anything American

And by not participating we are destroying ourselves
4) Did you follow my hot mess ? By us walking away from our institutions, home grown products and industries. We self destruct ourselves

If you ever WONDERED when or where the FIGHT would begin. I just defined it for you.

So how do we fight back ? And the answer is difficult
5) Digital warrior can be defined as many things. And in this mess we are in it's time to define us as the ones who would not stop our patronage to institutions or organizations that we created

Our LOVE of Football and NASCAR.
MUST not be subjugated

6) I wont get all mushy here but suffice it to say. If love conquers all. Why are we allowing the haters to control what we love ?

I am Proposing a new "Op" for #MAGA & the #DigitalSoldier

In cases such as spectator sports ,, WE MUST ATTEND. The above 2 ARE AMERICAN CREATIONS
7) American in every way we ourselves are American. Thats right Baseball , NBA , FOOTBALL , NASCAR are as American as YOU are.

So how do we "Op" Against there insurgency ? And its as simple as doing unto others as they do unto you.

Pack these stadiums ,
8/ And when they disrespect us and our flag.

Turn your backs to the field while holding up a FLAG.
Sing over there display of hate.

Only you and I can make our land a success or failure. And WE MUST not allow the few to destroy the many

If you stop being American THEY WIN. Our solution is not to WALK AWAY But to stay and FIGHT

10) At tail gate parties ORGANIZE your fellow Fans . Go over what you will do if kneeling takes place. Or any anti American ritual is displayed.

Because if we lose this fight we lose America

Our Op needs to be #StayAndFight
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