On the other hand, and its very important for the Indian Muslims to realise that the Indian governments have built this narrative to fool you that Pakistan is a hell hole for its residents. Pakistan is not perfect, but it is better than India on many levels. 1/n
Why Pakistan is better than India? A thread: 2/n https://twitter.com/brumbyoz/status/1205769809352216576?s=19
Indian Muslims must understand that when Sanghis talk against Pakistan, they are actually talking against you. For them, Pakistan is synonymous for you. It's a dog-whistle. Why would the name of a different country pop up in the State election speeches in India? 3/n
When someone says that Indian Muslims are being oppressed, they immediately come up with the argument that in Pakistan Hindus are also being oppressed. They focus on this a lot, because this is their justification for their atrocities against Muslims in India. 4/n
Why the Sangh, with the tacit support of the Indian government, built this narrative that the number of Hindus in Pakistan reduced from 4000% to 0.00000004%? This is done only for one purpose. To justify your oppression. To justify your pogroms. 5/n
Indian Muslims were against Pakistan for two reasons: brainwashing, and to prove their patriotism. Both are mistakes. When there was no SM and all we had was the state propaganda via the state media, the brainwashing worked perfectly, and Sarkari Muslims contributed to it. 6/n
The Sanghi narrative was so strong that the Muslims genuinely felt that Pakistan is a failed state. Pakistan-bashing to prove their patriotism has been very common. However, none of this has ever helped Muslims in any possible way. The annual pogroms of Muslims did not stop. 7/n
The discrimination against Muslims never stopped. The police brutality never stopped. Be it Congress or BJP, when it comes to Pakistan, they are all the same: Sanghis. Their obsession with Pakistan never ends, and they use it as a stick to beat us with. 8/n
I had made this thread earlier on how Pakistan is better than India when it comes to minority rights and their religious freedom. https://twitter.com/OpusOfAli/status/1213485648063148039?s=19
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