Modi haters were busy.. Modi spoke to Army from Nimoo.. did not go to Galwan Valley... Hahaha etc...

In their blind Modi hating emotions, they missed the strategical message Modi had to China and Pakistan with #ModiatLeh

Why Modi picked Nimu?

Read on...

1) Nimu is the reserve brigade headquarter of Indian Army. Massive infra starting.
2) At LAC Army officials having talks with Chinese. He didn't want to disturb them.
3) A VIP visit would hinder sensitive army operational movements & engagements at LAC. Modi knows it.

4) A new road coming to Ladakh at Nimu from Padum in Zanskar Valley. Eventually connecting to Manali in HP. Vital for army security.
5) Modi had to visit injured soldiers who were in Leh.
6) Nimu has place for 4 choppers to land at a time. Vital for a PM's security.

7) Nimu has the Brigade headquarter of 14 Corps, which helped defeat Pakistan in Kargil war.
8) Nimu has Zanskar & Sindhu sangam. Culturally vital for "Sindhu valley civilization" aka India.
9) Nimu is kind of equidistant from PoK (Baltistan) and CoK (Aksai Chin).
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