When our Founders signed the Declaration of Independence, they did so under a death sentence.

Today, when you defend the Founding and #4thofJuly, you do so with the threat of cancel culture swarming in upon you to take away your livelihood.
This #4thofJuly is our most powerful reminder yet:

The promise of Liberty & Equal Opportunity is not an everlasting decree. It can only endure by our vigorous defense of the principles of Freedom. It must be our hourly exercise!
Voluntary silence on the sidelines will result only in an enforced, permanent silence into the future.
We are all in this fight together! This #IndependenceDay, I’m asking you to:
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•Recruit a friend to join us at http://LetsWinVirginia.com !
•Chip in to support our effort at mobilizing the fighting Republicans of Virginia!

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