In 2016, a noose was found taped to a door in the Grande Prairie Hospital. I was shocked and disgusted when I first learned of this incident in August of 2019. 1/9
I immediately raised the matter with senior departmental officials, who reassured me that the incident was being dealt with appropriately, by both Alberta Health Services and the College of Physicians and Surgeons. 2/9
The investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons is ongoing, and will hopefully conclude in the next few weeks. 3/9
Several weeks ago, the incident was raised again by an individual with first-hand knowledge of the matter, questioning how AHS investigated and responded to this act in 2016. 4/9
I share their concerns with AHS’ investigation. Which is why I’m announcing an independent third-party investigation of how this matter was handled by AHS. 5/9
Given that the incident has been with officials for at least 10 months, I am not satisfied that this reported heinous incident is being treated with the seriousness warranted.

Frankly, it’s shocking that an incident dating back to 2016 was not addressed long ago. 6/9
It also appears that the rules that govern AHS’ ability to investigate and respond to these types of incidences may have hindered their response. For that reason, I am directing AHS to bring forward suggested updates within 60 days. 7/9
I will also be introducing legislation next week to increase the number of public representatives on college councils, hearing tribunals and complaint review committees from 25% to 50% - which will increase the public’s oversight of health professions. 8/9
These initial steps are only the beginning. While it may be uncomfortable for some, Albertans demand and expect our healthcare system to reject racism and intolerance – if our system failed – we will fix it. 9/9
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