Apparently, even though PostMedia is owned and controlled by conservative political interests, it must have a "left leaning bias".
We're just supposed to ignore the fact that since PostMedia was formed, its papers have uniformly always endorsed conservatives in elections; have allowed outright deceptive election ads from the CPC to be published; /2
Rick Bell has been so blatantly partisan that I don't even need to discuss his bias; and lastly that the NP was created by Black because he felt there weren't enough "right leaning voices" in our media.

But, apparently, because of the media bailout grants, it must be biased. /3
Now, don't get me wrong. I am no fan of the media bailout - as far as I'm concerned it's throwing good money after bad. It's high time that Canadian media - news media especially - was owned by Canadians, for Canadians. /4
In a truly "free market", PostMedia would have died a long time ago. The only thing that keeps it going is the willingness of conservative political interests in the US to continue pouring $ into it to keep it going. /5
My position is that enterprises like PostMedia are in fact problematic. Not only do they concentrate control over our media in the hands of a few, but a clearly centralized editorial system means that analysis seldom reflects local concerns meaningfully. /6
The good news is that the media landscape is changing. While PostMedia lives on US conservative life support, churning out partisan columns for the "machine", new, smaller (and more relevant) media outlets are springing up. /7
Look for them. Whether it's @sprawlcalgary, @MedicineHatNews, @EnergiMedia, or @TheTyee, these are all smaller media shops who are doing scrappy, genuine journalism - and they're doing better. /8
Canada's journalism needs to be owned and controlled by a variety of Canadians.

Conglomerates like PostMedia need to die. Their day is done - they are no longer objective observers of what is happening. Foreign ownership and control is always going to be toxic. /9 ~fin~
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