Saw a few comments from people lately, now that #TLOU2 has changed the game for #accessibility they hope games coming out this year will have the same level of accessibility.

I want to clarify that a bit and shed some light on how that works within game development... (1/5)
First off, I 100% agree, I hope games coming out this year would have these amazing accessibility options. However, that's kinda not how game development works.

One of the many things Naughty Dog did right was work on accessibility from the beginning. You have to. (2/5)
When you create complex UI in games at a certain point you have to lock down elements so you can move development forward. If accessibility isn't a part of those systems it is really difficult to add them later and you won't get the intended options you were hoping for. (3/5)
So for games that are coming out this year, Ghost, Cyberpunk, Avengers, etc. those studios would've had to have started on accessibility a couple of years ago.

It is still doable at a later stage, but you won't have the large amount that #TLOU2 has. (4/5)
So in conclusion, unless Naughty Dog was able to share those tools with other Playstation Studios during development, we won't see the true impact of #TLOU2 until a few years from now on games we haven't seen yet. (5/5)

If you have any questions, let me know.
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