It’s disability pride month, and did you know disabled people in the US with Medicaid are not allowed to have more than $2,000 in money and assets combined, or else we’ll lose our often life-saving health insurance? 🙃

Don’t fucking tell me forced poverty isn’t A Thing™
Did you know disabled people in many countries (including the US and UK) can’t get married or often even LIVE with their partner because it causes a massive decrease (or removal entirely) of their disability benefits? Which should only make sense to you if you’re a eugenicist 🙂
Did you know it’s still 100% legal to pay workers with disabilities less than minimum wage? 🙂
Did you know that disabled people fought for ages to get accessible accommodations for work, school, medical care? Did you know we were told it was IMPOSSIBLE to work from home, IMPOSSIBLE to attend school from home, IMPOSSIBLE to have telecom doctor appointments? ...
...Did you know these were all sorted and made available within a month of abled people needing them after the onset the pandemic? Did you know now that states are opening back up, these accessibility accommodations are being revoked for many? 🙂
Did you know the ADA was established in 1990, and most people don’t know what it says? Did you know building accessibility is key, and new public buildings are STILL being built inaccessible? Did you know it can take years to get an ADA hearing, and they’re often dismissed? 🙂
Did you know police officers receive minimal (if any) training on recognizing and interacting with disabled people? Did you know it’s been reported that almost HALF of the people who die at the hands of police have a disability? 🙂
Did you know disabled people with COVID are dying because they’re being denied care to save resources? A disabled man in Texas was denied care (and FOOD) in hospital for SIX. DAYS. Doc told his wife that, since he was disabled, he didn’t have a quality of life WORTH saving...
Happy Disability Pride Month.
This is kinda popping off, so here’s your AGGRESSIVE reminder that disabled activism NEEDS to be INTERSECTIONAL!
Racism, sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia are RAMPANT in healthcare, and we need to be aware of the LAYERS of oppression individual disabled people face!
Seeking medical care is already difficult and exhausting.
Nobody should have to worry that just EXISTING HOW THEY ARE AS A HUMAN BEING is going to affect their access to or quality of care!!
I also wrote this in reference to my experience (so far) with chronic illness, if you happen to have a spare $4 AND enjoy reading (both criteria are necessary. Please do not buy it if you don't like reading, or if you're tight on cash 💜) 
I have one final thing to add to this thread:
It shouldn’t make you sad.
It shouldn’t make you PITY disabled people.
Y’all are heckin’ amazing 💜
I’m sorry I have to mute this now, because OVERSTIMULATION 🥴

Please feel free to keep sharing your stories in the comments!
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