1) This is my #Qanon thread for July 3, 2020

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My Theme: It's Going To Be a Hot Summer
2) In February, Q brought up the meeting on the Phoenix tarmac between Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and said: "It's going to be a very hot spring/summer."
3) When Q says it's going to be a "hot summer," he isn't referring to the weather.

A "hot summer" is a euphemism suggesting certain people's crimes will be exposed.
4) After the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell yesterday, Q began dropping images of people connected to the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein, including Chauntae Davies.
6) The distinction between victim and abuser becomes blurred as women like Davies who were once raped by Epstein later worked for him.
7) This image of Ghislaine Maxwell and Bill Clinton was obtained by The Sun.
9) This image is from the same article.
12) Five young women, including Chauntae Davies, sit on a balcony in the sunshine with the idyllic backdrop of the Caribbean.

Davies said it was on the island of Little St. James where Epstein raped her.
13) In March of 2019, when Q began dropping Epstein related pics, an anon posted a photo of Prince Andrew.
Q confirmed he was deeply connected.
14) I don't know the origin of this list of names, but I assume these individuals may also be connected.
15) Rachel Chandler is pictured with Bill Clinton.
16) When Q began dropping Ray Chandler & Epstein photos in March of 2019, he indicated that Chandler was the key to taking down Epstein's accomplices.

Just as Allison Mack's testimony exposed the NXIVM sex cult, Chandler's testimony will expose crimes related to Epstein.
17) Anons dug through Ray Chandler's Instagram page and found some of the people she is connected to.
20) Because they thought they were untouchable, they openly flaunted their evil.

It appears to be a bank of video monitors.
21) Q reposted this image last night.
23) Paris Hilton and Ray Chandler.
25) In March of 2019 Q posted a photo of Bill Clinton and friends and asked if the rich and powerful would prevent the unsealing of court documents related to Jeffrey Epstein.

Two anonymous parties requested the documents remain sealed.

Who is the attorney?
Who took the pic?
26) The men in the photo are Ricardo Cheaz, Bill Clinton, George Nader, José Calzada, and Rolando Gonzalez Bunster.

29) An anon suspected the photographer to be one of the attorneys representing an anonymous party.
30) The brief for one of the anonymous parties was filed by Nick Lewin. https://static.politico.com/cc/9c/c411f2784711866b9be3d1977b2f/giuffrelewinamicus031919.pdf
31) Nick Lewin worked as Special Counsel for Robert Mueller and James Comey and for the US Attorney's Office in the [[Southern District of New York.]]

32) Was the photographer an attorney that once worked for SDNY?

SDNY has jurisdiction over the crimes committed by many powerful people.
33) From an anon
34) Q's response.
36) Rachel Chandler [RC] may have committed unspeakable crimes, but Q implied she is also the main witness against Epstein's accomplices.
37) Q posted a link to a tweet that was deleted a few minutes later.
38) Here's a screencap of the tweet.
39) The tweet contained this video.
40) FYI https://twitter.com/TruthHammer888/status/1278908608227405825
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