Pakistani governments never really cared about the Indian Muslims and the brutality that they faced in India. However, India successfully built a strong fake narrative about how Hindus are brutalised in Pakistan. Pakistan never even tried to counter this narrative. 1/4
I see Pakistani government's recent efforts to highlight the issues in India and I can't help but feel frustrated about how ignorant they are about the situation in India, and how incompetent they are when it comes to building narrative. 2/4
However, they are not the only ones to blame. Almost every representative of Muslims from the Indian government's side (read Sarkari Muslims) always parroted the Indian narrative of how happy Muslims are in India and how pathetic Pakistan is in every aspect. 3/4
Nevertheless, Pakistan needs to do more to raise the voice of oppressed Muslims in India. 200 Million Indian Muslims face extreme brutality, and it is a humanitarian duty of Pakistan to talk about it. Only saying "thank you Jinnah" is extremely selfish. 4/4
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