Maybe I’ve been reading too much Freud, but I believe that the Parents economic power relative to the school they send their children may affect child’s self esteem down the line.
Parents that manage to raise enough capital to send their Children to schools attended by much richer children are doing a great job, but sometimes, it affects the child’s self esteem when they see what other kids are able to afford or do.
A middle class parent that sends their child to a Public school may have the child’s self esteem boosted as they become more respected. Still theoretical and I do not have data but what’s your experience?
I have my own personal experience as well, all in all it’s always great to have proper communication channel with children and not encourage jealousy/envy so early on.
Got this in the DM, sharing with permission. Apparently a lot of people experience this.
There’s another side to the experience too. Shared with permission.
Wow! What a story here. Shared with permission.
This is why it's important to have the discussion with kids, Parents always feel they've made a great sacrifice and do not need to have the discussion. Shared with permission
Whole new experience to leave a school you had been treated better to a bigger one due to income gap. Other theories here
1. People eventually group themselves by social class.
2. Some of the things we regarded as banter back then got to kids.

Parents usually disregard
Seeing as it affects long term self esteem, it's important to have these conversations. For children, not adults now, the emotional is just as important to build character.
Another thing that's rarely talked about, Parents run into new money, New school for kid, then the accent mockery in New school may affect kid, important for parent(s) to build character in these cases.
It's not all gloom, it helped a lot of people network and build character as well, but that communication channel from home is so important.
Got one in the DM just now (without permission to share anonymously) it's on sibling rivalry, sometimes Parents can only afford to send one of the Children to an elite school and it creates some sort of envy for the other kid(s) without the parents noticing. Thoughts?
Noticed that over compensating in sports or academic performance is how most people mitigate this.
This is a lot to take in really. Imagine getting mocked for the new source of income too... By your own mate.
This is so inspiring. Again, we may assume kids don't know, but it's important to let them have an idea so they can focus on what's most important - the good education, and filter out the noise. Great story.
Another big deal is the effect on defaulting on school fees on children, most teachers/administrators punish the Children that had nothing to do with it, opening them up for ridicule. Interesting story here. Changed schools from where he was one of the brightest.
Interesting perspective, it doesn't end in schools, parents have an important job to build that self esteem, and the individual must then work on it even post school. It's all left to you.
New perspective on academic prowess, it doesn't solve all the problems as it could still create some loneliness. Some pressure on kid to be the ticket out of poverty too.
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