Just cried my ass off after coming to conclusions about my childhood & how I grew up the *shittiest* of “bestfriends”... I grew up worrying about what they thought of me as or would think of me like but damn, you know what? I realized that I never gave ONE FUCK.
My ex that so many of you LOVED actually raped me in the mall... after two months of no contact he decided to rape me as soon as he saw me in person & yo. I didn’t know what rape was back then. When I saw him I was probably as hairy as a bear. I made sure, yk?
Sex & rape are not the same thing, right? Taking me to a secret isolated part of the MALL that I had no idea how to get out from and then forcing yourself into me ISNT SEX, it’s rape, you fucking raped me. Forcing my my legs open= rape. How did you stay hard?
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