A bit harsh. but I see your point. There’s something about doing things just to tick a box that makes me feel uneasy; certificate collecting is the ONE thing that annoys me about medics in general. You are right, there are so many other aspects to being a doctor (1/?) #MedTwitter https://twitter.com/AfroSpR/status/1278936734332575746
– it’s what made me interested in medicine in the first place. Over the last couple of years, I came up with a set of rules for myself on how to approach med school/careers. (2/?) #MedTwitter
1.Just do something you enjoy. Anything. It all “counts”
2.Try things just to find out what you like and don’t like. Last year I did a vacation research scholarship on genetics and headaches. (3/?) #MedTwitter
My key learning point is that I’m not a fan of neuro or genetics. Spending 5 days a week in an office looking at a computer screen is not something I ever want to do again :P (4/?) #MedTwitter
3.“Two-hit” rule. When taking on any new responsibility or activity, I make sure I get a minimum of two things out of it. So If I’m doing an SSC, I might as well do small project. If im doing a project, might as well submit it as an abstract. (5/?) #MedTwitter
In doing this, somehow, both my SSCs from the last two years have been accepted for national conferences 🤷🏿‍♀️. (it also doesn’t have to be academic – if im going to a different city for a conference, I’ll make plans to see friends or something) (6/?) #MedTwitter
4.Attempt to “tick some boxes” early on to practice different skills when the stakes are relatively low. As a med student, it’s a lot easier to say, “I don’t know how to do xyz” than it is further in your career (I’m just guessing here). (7/?) #MedTwitter
It doesn’t really matter if the project doesn’t go anywhere, I see the main point as getting the experience. (8/?) #MedTwitter
5.What is the bare minimum? Not everything in medicine is “fun”. There are some hurdles you just have to overcome. When we were applying, we all knew we needed to do the UCAT so we did it. (9/?) #MedTwitter
Apply this same logic now you’re in the field. Ask yourself, “what is the bare minimum I need to do to get xyz?”. Once you’ve achieved the bare minimum, you’re free to pursue whatever area of interest you have… remember, it all “counts” (10/?) #MedTwitter
There will always be someone who has more publications or audits or research experience than you. But if you do the stuff you enjoy, you should (in theory) get a portfolio that is suited to you + the career you want (11/?) #MedTwitter
To summarise, medicine needs people with a range of interests. Try different things to find out what you like then do it well (12/12) #MedTwitter
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