Who is responsible for silencing Palestinians? You'd be surprised. 1) Progressive media that refuse to publish Palestinian opinion b/c it is 'contentious' but are ok with publishing Israel's b/c their views as legitimate. They have a state and a PR machine. We don't.
2) Well meaning activists who showcase and quote pro-Palestinian Israeli activists and writers b/c they view them as safe from the anti-semitism smear and in doing so they totally erase Palestinian voices
3) Israeli activists who support Palestinian rights but are happy to hog the platforms and to speak for Palestinians instead of insisting on sharing any platform they're offered with Palestinian voices
4) Progressives Except on Palestine crowd who avoid the Palestine issue because it is controversial and uncomfortable. They don't understand that our struggle is intersectional and that our freedoms are intertwined.
I'm tired of being the Palestinian that you invite or include as an afterthought. I'm tired of being tokenized or told how to resist. I'm tired of being your pet cause. I am here and I have a voice that I will use on my own terms. Get used to it.
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