The WIFE Stare: Something No one can survive-a THREAD!
Stare came to existence, he was pissed off a bit with her for she told FILTH to talk to him to let her talk with others + Vishal on his bedside.
The 1st stare failed even with max intensity could not manaofy him.
SS irritated her by snatching the quilt from her face & asked why she kept her hand like that over her face.
Intensity of the stare was lower but it came with the potent "bed change kar lu?"
Suddenly the guy became a 'passenger' from being the 'driver' of the convo.
Asks him to go to bath immediately, he says not yet. Then the stare starts and the man literally came to pleading "haan baby teesra aane ke baad (connection) jaunga, warna BB daantega late hua toh. Promise. 100% jaunga"
Sid in his usual masti pulling her leg by telling Kashmera how Shehnaaz called her gundi. Sana constantly telling him not to do it, he keeps on doing it and lo finally comes the intense eyes and he goes back in & mostly directly to bathroom :P.
Highly pissed from the oil task fight, is not interested talking. Is not ready to get manaofied. She does her sweet voice:
bahar so jaun?
The STARE arrives, mono syllables wont work anymore. "Asim-HK ke beech mein sona." Taunts back = #SidNaaz back lol.
"promise kar mere saath ladhai nhi karega. 15 din bache hain!"
Sid being his usual khadoos lazy self "haan theek hai" *bas sone de meri maa*
Enters 'STARE' mahashaya.
words came out in numbers & eagerly neend bhaagi: "theek hai bola na." ofc the khadoospan is constant xD
and ofc the infamous 'THE WIFE GAZE fest'
Not gonna describe it, just for ur eyes once again.
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