The major media outlets are universally hostile to Brexit and 52% of the population. They've spent months politically attacking the government instead of asking hard questions over Covid19. They are biased and incompetent, no wonder they are being ignored.

Boulton and Maitlis are just two examples of this. They have made little effort to hide their personal views or to maintain journalistic impartiality. They can't seem to grasp that more and more people are turning off rather than be insulted by them.

The media needs to realise it is dying because outside of London and a few liberal strongholds it is hated. People see the bias and see their intelligence is being insulted and want nothing to do with it. Don't come running to us as your jobs disappear.

The BBC was a well loved national institution but its reputation has rotted to the point where more and more are asking "Why do I have to pay?" - I know I am. I suggest the media stops playing to its liberal friends and starts representing everyone before it's too late.

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