Yes @RoyalArjan Meghan markle was unsuitable for the royal family and I will explain why.
1. She’s not a tax dodging grifter with ofshore accounts who does charity as a cover so people will not question the reason for her existence (Elizabeth)
2. She’s not a sausage finger having man, who abused his 19 year old wife cheated on her and has prolific ties to pedos (saville, ball) to name a few (Charles)
3. She’s not a horse face having snake, who pretended to be a woman’s friend while sleeping with her husband (Camilla)
4. She’s not a pedophile/ sex trafficker so pompous and arrogant, who couldn’t even represent Britain as a trade envoy without foreign dignitaries mocking him. (Andrew)
5. She’s not a woman who went on tape abusing Elizabeth, Blair and saying all manner of nasty things to a fake sheikh that was caught on tape ( Sophie) see the Sophie tapes
6. She’s not a failed movie producer who tried to market himself as Eddie Windsor in Hollywood and flopped and secretly taped his nephews to make money (Edward)
7. She’s not a woman who is a virulent racist uses her titles to sell cheap novels on amazon, has two black sheep named Serena and Venus and a daughter of a nazi ( princess Michael of Kent)
8. She’s not a rude and cold woman who claims to be the hardest working royal but charities complain she doesn’t have a personal connection people and can’t even get her dogs in other. ( Anne)
9. She’s not a petulant Balding Cheater with an overblown ego, who is dull as dishwater, scapegoats his younger brother, workshy and takes something like a pandemic as a joke (William)
10. She will NEVER let herself be used against another woman, she’s not a mute, lazy, needs a whole army of media to prop her up, aura of blandness having high school mean girl bully (top CEO st Kate)
11. She’s not racist (Philip).
12. I would have done Harry to but he’s not suitable for the same institution that has plundered even where your origins can be traced too, with total disregard for minorities, poor and disadvantaged. So yes it’s a blessing in disguise
@RoyalArjan emancipate yourself from mental slavery, royalty is nothing special they’re inbred, incestous, balding, dim witted clods who have conned a whole country.
There are no scientists, inventors, musicians,academically bright or supremely gifted members, Not even in the looks departments they have failed Francis Galton in the eugenics department.
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