Yes- the Rushmore pic and the full moon . Both are HABBENING this weekend... but Look closer:
“INDICTMENT DAY- will Hillary get busted?” #GhislaineMaxwelldidNOTkillherself
2/ Platform 2020
3/ lung attacking virus in 2020??
4/ sci fi “Boomer” President “zooming” ? But she “craved personal contact”

Discussing Invasion of the province of Q-uebec?
5/ “17 trillion”
Midway Between “35 (jfk was potus 35) and 55” (5:5) = 45. Imagine that.
6/ George issue is February 1997.
Add “20 years” ... 2017.

WHAT DID WE GET IN OCTOBER 2017 “that we needed”?

Q Post #1 October 28, 2017
7/ just saw this: “Q Saw”
9/ a vault , with panels of America’s historical events.
10/ potus schedule- includes visit to the sculptors studio. That’s separate from the secret room. We will see.
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