In case you missed my livestream last night, here it is:

Schiff *never* expected it to come out that his staff had traveled to Afghanistan on a CODEL in February and been briefed on the Russian bounty intelligence.
Schiff's staff and Fusion GPS tried to hide this and cover their tracks and pretend - just like they with the UkraineGate hoax and Eric Ciaramella - that this was brought to the media by a "whistleblower".
This son of a bitch right here is going to prison.
Understand: this was a TRAP.

They **let** Schiff & Fusion GPS coordinate the LEAK OF HIGHLY CLASSIFIED INFORMATION TO THE MEDIA so they could launch this fun new Russia hoax.

And then today the trap SPRANG SHUT.
The CIA filing with the DOJ to start a federal criminal investigation into the leak of highly classified information to the NYT's that happened YESTERDAY.

TODAY we found out Schiff's staff was briefed on this highly classified information back in February.



Schiff's staff was in Afghan. back in February, were told about the Russian bounty intelligence.


Never mentioned it to the Gang of 8, never said a word.

Now all of a sudden, in late June **somebody** weaponizes this intel by LEAKING IT TO THE NYT'S....
...and while this highly classified intel on the Russian bounties is being leaked to the NYT's, there is no mention of Schiff's staff having been in Afghanistan back in February, which is unusual since it's required **BY LAW** that CODEL's be in the Congressional Record.
So Schiff has just been caught. He tried to hide his own staff's connection to the intel briefing in Afghanistan back in Feb. so this classified intelligence could weaponized and turned into an attack on President Trump when he coordinated with Fusion to leak it to the media.
The Fake News media just spent several DAYS claiming it's a HUGE SCANDAL Trump was 'briefed' on this Russian bounty intel and **did nothing about it**.

And now we learn Schiff & his staff knew about this back in February and **also** did nothing about it.

Relax, everybody. The DOJ is already hunting down whoever leaked this highly classified intelligence information on the unverified and uncorroborated Russian bounties.


"WHO'S at the door?!"

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