Asymptomatic Corona positive person is as contagious as a symptomatic patient.
It is wrong to assume that because he is alright, he will not spread the disease.
Also asymptomatic persons can become symptomatic and deteriorate too; needing constant supervision of trained staff.
In my opinion, Asymptomatic persons have the potential to become super spreaders & it is this reason institutional quarantine is recommended until they turn negative. After becoming negative they can be in home quarantine for 2/4 weeks before they get back to normal routine.
When a hospital takes in positive patients they expose the staff to infection despite PPE.
As an hospital administrator it is the worst nightmare we can have. Staff maintenance costs have gone up by four times as they have to be insured & salaries have gone up by minimum 50%
If a staff becomes positive then we are answerable to their families. Private hospital administrators cannot be like govt bureaucracy that do not care about staff. Nor do they have the luxury of state treasury to compensate the staff & their families if an untoward event happens.
Govts are rightly worried about their reputation. Politicians & officials take adhoc decisions to look pro public. Prices are fixed without any thought into what private healthcare providers face when taking Corona positive patients

Ex: L1 criteria to buy PPE is not acceptable
The perception going around that isolation ward charges of less than Rs 10000/- is adequate is absolutely wrong. At these costs we cannot procure the best PPE for staff, we cannot pay higher salaries they want to work in isolation wards & we cannot insure them or their families
Cost is not pricing.

Govt should understand that or else it will cause a collapse of private healthcare providers which can lead to disastrous results especially during pandemic.

Govt has to ensure the financial well-being of Pvt Healthcare providers for them to contribute
If govt procures the best PPE kits, insures all staff & their families then checks cost to account for pricing, govt will come to price around 20000+/day for decent care to be given to Corona positive patients in isolation wards.

Most hospital administrators will agree with me.
While we propose low cost & we do go great lengths to provide Healthcare at low cost to patients, it is also important that govt understands that these are extraordinary times. Staff walk out of jobs despite giving the best in sector CTCs simply because life is precious for all
While govt wants to look good to public it is guilty of treating Healthcare workers & Healthcare providers as expendables.

It is high time Pvt hospitals start contributing to control pandemic & govt should make the first move by giving reasonable price to charge for services.
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